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Showgirls Casino!
Free Offers from the Showgirls Casino

Get up to $25.00 in free credits

The ShowGirls Casino offers its members the most incredibly realistic casino experience available anywhere on the Internet. You will not only love the atmosphere, but also the great casino games we have to offer - blackjack, video poker, roulette, slots, keno, and lotto. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We never close! Simply click here to open your free account and you are on you way to a winning experience!

We extend an invitation to gaming fans all over the Internet to create a free account and join what has become the most exciting casino in the world! It is simple to join, and fast and easy to get right into the casino floor. After opening an account, you just need to purchase credits, and you are on your way to our unique gaming experience, which included all the benefits of an actual casino, including a real comp point system! So, sign up today, and join the thousand of other players, and of course, the lovely ladies, inside the Showgirls Casino!

Free Offers from the Showgirls Casino

Get up to $25.00 in free credits

Come take advantage of our BlackJack, Video Poker and Slots Promotion!
Just open a free account, make a purchase of 24.95 or more, wager up to your purchased amount, then no matter if you are up or down on the casino, we will give you 25 free credits to your account. Simply e-mail our Customer Service Department with your FULL account name/number. Upon verification of your purchase, we will immediately update your account (this can take 24 hours).

After opening your free account and making your first purchase, you will be able to enter the casino and play immediately. There is no downloading necessary!

Promotion only valid on the above mentioned games. ALL FREE credits must be wagered.

New Comp Point Service

The Showgirls Casino is extremely proud to offer free Comp Points for all players. After accumulating your comp point for just playing our casino games, you may redeem your comp points for free credits. To find out more about our Comp Points, click here.

Free points while you play makes everyone an immediate winner!